Online Sampling And Solids In The Stream

The ability to monitor a flowed reaction irrespective of how hazardous the sampling technique empowers process chemists to make critical decisions on the process. Typically a two-position LSV is sufficient to divert a portion of a flowed stream into a sampling loop. As long as the critical process parameters (e.g., pressure, temperature, and flow-rate) of the flowed stream are not impacted, online sampling can reveal a wealth of information on the ongoing process and mitigate the risk of losing a batch. However, typical two-position valves that direct flow to a sampling loop using a standard off-the-shelf valve fails to sample reliably as the narrow space of the configurable flow-paths inside the valve get clogged with solids.

A standard two-position valve controller can be uniquely customized to derive multiple degenerate valve positions for the load and inject configurations like any other standard LSVs. The multiple degenerate positions are used to systematically service clogged passage(s) during sampling. The unique valve controller method maintains process flow through an alternative passage while the clogged passage is being serviced in the new method. Additionally, we equip LSVs with inline filters and other sample purification tools to ensure that the output from the LSV is clean and injectable for online analysis.

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