About The Flow Research Facility at uOttawa

The facility is equipped  with a variety of reaction, sampling, and analytical tools from value-added equipment distributors as well as from the OEMs. Every process comes with a unique set of requirements and complexities. In the realm of flow chemistry and continuous manufacturing, one shoe size hardly fits all. That's why the facility collaborates with the OEMs and develops custom solutions in addition to purchasing the latest and the greatest that the commercial market has to offer. The following is an abbreviated list of custom hardware tools that we make available for your research. We ensure that the technology for your research objectives is built from the fundamental principle of fluid management and fluid dynamics in order for you to have the maximum flexibility in the functioning of the device.

Reaction Tools

Programmable Single-channel Syringe Pumps, Multi-channel Syringe Pumps, Gear Pumps, and Peristaltic Pumps

We offer root-level and SDK-level controls of various fluid moving devices so you can freely modulate process parameters from the hardware console itself. We also help you transfer the hardware control to a computer hosting a logic controller or an algorithm for closed loop operation. Once we understand your research or your process needs, we will collaboratively build an appropriate process control strategy.

Programmable rotary and solenoid valves for simple and complex fluid management
We work with leading manufacturers of rotary and solenoid valves and customize standard valves according to your process needs. We can customize fluid management functions of many commercial brands for closed loop operation.
The facility is equipped with unique 3D rotor valve that allow for the passage of fluids that are viscous or contain a significant quantity of solids in the slurry. Please contact us to learn more about the 3D rotor valve.

Sampling Tools

Highly customizable liquid handling robots with root-level programmability
We work with a number of LHR manufacturers to enact in-line, on-line, at-line, and off-line sample extraction mechanisms between a process and the analytics. We extract IPC samples from various commercial or ingeniously built reactors including ones that operate at high temperature and under high pressure.
The facility is equipped with a unique zero-constriction high pressure reactor platform that is capable of releasing IPC samples to any online, inline, atline, and offline analytics without altering any of the critical process parameters (flow, pressure, or temperature). Please see below to learn about our BPR-free pressurized flow reactor.
Multi-position LSVs
We work with a number of valve manufacturers for in-line, on-line, at-line, and off-line sample extraction. We are able to implement unique valve operation methods that allow for the sample extraction mechanism to remain functional in the presence of solids in the fluid stream.
Please see below to learn more about the LSVs that can handle solids in the IPC stream.
Multi-function single-drive LSVs
We understand many R&D process streams require high throughput samplings. We have custom single-drive multi-ring LSVs that can help you simultaneously extract IPC samples from multiple reactors, or multiple IPC samples at multiple reactor lengths from a single reactor.
Please see below to learn more about our multi-ring, multi-function LSVs.

Analytical Tools

1D, 2D (single heart-cut), and multi-dimensional (multiple heart-cuts) LC systems
We have the core expertise in the integration of process to conventional 1D LC or the latest multi-D LC analyzers. We collaborate with leading LC manufacturers to bring complete automation solutions for your R&D or production streams.
Please see below to learn more about our exclusive multi-attribute analysis platform.
Integrated GC system with split-splitless and/or on-column direct injection capabilities
We have the core expertise in the integration of process to GC analytics for offline (manual or via an LHR) or direct online analysis. Please contact us to learn more on how we can connect a GC platform to your process and help you with seamless phase transfer.
Please see below to learn more about our integrated off-line GC and on-line injector-less GC analytics.

Lead Specialist, Lab Support

The Flow Research Facility at the University of Ottawa is managed by Dr. Debasis Mallik. Dr. Mallik has experience in flow chemistry and analysis for over 10 years. Before joining the University of Ottawa, he managed a team of chemists, analysts, engineers, and programmers towards building a PAT-enabled autonomous continuous manufacturing platform at York University. He is co-inventors of three key technologies in the area of fluid diverting and analysis. He has co-authored a number of publications, reviews, and book chapters on continuous manufacturing and analysis.

Dr. Mallik's areas of expertise
  • Process Intensification and Analysis
  • Documentation, Publication, and Patenting
  • Designing and Prototyping
  • Project Management
  • Training and Guidance

Technologies available through the facility

Slurry-handling LSVs

BPR-less Pressurized Flow Reactor Technology
Multi-function LSVs

Online Robotic Sample Extraction and Preparation

Multi-attribute Process Intensification

Closed Feedback Loop


Over 50 Years of Collective Experience in Flow Manufacturing and Technology Development

The facility's researchers are empowered with over 50+ years of aggregate experience in the science and engineering of continuous manufacturing and process analytical technology. The members of the facility not only have extensive operational knowledge of commercially available flow systems, but also work with the OEMs of commercial flow systems toward developing the next-gen systems and continuous manufacturing processes. This sets the facility in a unique position to not only develop new 'flow' methods to replace traditional batch manufacturing, but also derive technological solutions beyond what 'off-the-shelf' units can deliver.
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